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Health & safety compliance auditing

are you compliant?

As well as providing a full range of services to maintain your building and facilities, we can help ensure you are fully compliant with all the latest regulations and obligations. We can assess your installations, advise on any areas that need attention and implement any changes that may be required.

For all areas of operation, we offer Log Books and Engineers Report Sheets to document all surveys and activities. Why? Because with all the electronic technology around us we, or most of us excluding the younger generation, still like to see a piece of paper to support the works being done. YES we have electronic copies and backup facilities, but you can’t beat filing a piece of paper in a log book that be can referred to at a moment’s notice. To this end we have a number of log books that are issued to site for our clients to file their documents into.

No one likes audits but audits do not need to be a painful experience, they are simply a way of ensuring that activities under your responsibility are being undertaken, on schedule, and that evidence is available. Let’s face it we all make mistakes but by having regular audits we can keep things ticking away nicely and when a mistake is identified it can easily be rectified, reducing stress. Failure to undertake internal audits can lead to poor management control, failure to identify shortfalls in the services under one’s responsibility, which if goes unchecked could have serious consequences. Internal audits can pick up failures and corrective actions can be taken before an external audit is carried out.


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