Health & Safety Compliance

Compliance auditing is the process of an independent agency evaluating your business’s facilities to establish whether they’re abiding by best practices and relevant regulations. At Jupiter Facilities Management, we have experience evaluating all aspects of facilities, including fire safety, gas, and electrical systems.

Along with conducting comprehensive assessments of your business, we’ll also ensure you’re keeping correct records, should you ever need proof that you’ve complied with all regulations. For example, most companies are legally required to keep detailed records of their fire safety checks.

Advice After Auditing

Once our compliance audit is complete, we’ll provide you with all the feedback required to make your business compliant with all rules and regulations. By becoming compliant, you won’t only protect yourself from a legal perspective, but you’ll also protect staff and visitors from many dangers present in the workplace.

It’s important to remember that compliance auditing is not a one-off task. Instead, we recommend that auditing is carried out annually to ensure any new rules and regulations are being adhered to and that standards have been maintained. Regular auditing will also help protect you from the potential fines and damage to your reputation that could come with non-compliance.

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What aspects of a business does a compliance audit cover?

We can audit all or part of your facilities, encompassing fire safety, electrics, gas, and more. We’ll speak to you beforehand to determine exactly what you want covered within the audit.

How regularly should a compliance audit be completed?

We recommend a compliance audit be carried out annually. Things change within businesses, and new rules and regulations are regularly introduced. Regular audits will ensure you’re complying with even the latest laws and that standards don’t slip.

Who will conduct your audit?

Team members from Jupiter Facilities Management will conduct your audit. Our team members have expertise in many areas and will ensure the most comprehensive audit possible.

Why should an independent expert conduct compliance audits?

It’s essential to hire an independent expert to conduct audits, as they are entirely unbiased and will evaluate your entire operation fairly and accurately. We’ll always provide a completely impartial view of your business’s compliance.

What can the consequences of non-compliance be?

Non-compliance with laws and regulations can have many consequences, the most serious of which is the injury or death of a person using your building. You could also receive hefty fines, plus your reputation could be severely damaged. Working with an independent auditor will help to spot and remedy problems before they cause major issues.

Ensure Compliance with Facilities Management Services

Many clients undergo an initial audit and then commit to working alongside Jupiter FM to remedy any problems identified. By working with the same company for auditing and remedial action, you can ensure no crossed wires and that all issues are dealt with quickly and with minimum fuss.

We work in all areas of facilities management, including fire safety, electrics, and gas, and have the experts required to correct problems of all shapes and sizes. All work is guaranteed to be carried out following all laws and regulations and documented correctly, helping to ensure success with your next compliance audit.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

Once all issues have been remedied, we recommend implementing a structured maintenance programme to keep all equipment in proper working order. Doing so will allow any problems to be spotted quickly and remedied, ensuring you remain compliant.

What’s more, ongoing maintenance and monitoring will save your business money. By working proactively to identify and fix problems, you’ll extend the lifespan of equipment and prevent many expensive replacements.

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What aspects of facilities management does Jupiter FM offer?

We offer a comprehensive facilities management service, encompassing electrics, gas, water hygiene, fire safety, ventilation, and more. Our complete knowledge ensures we’re the only solution you need for facilities management services.

Why work with an auditing company to correct problems they identify?

An auditing company can identify the exact areas that need improvement in and then supervise proper remedial action. Confusion could quickly arise if you work with another company to fix the identified problems. Moreover, working with the same company for auditing and remedial work will often work out cheaper.

How does a facilities management service guarantee compliance?

By working with Jupiter FM, you’ll have an independent company constantly ensuring you are meeting compliance obligations. Our experts will regularly check various aspects of your business and recommend changes as necessary. Moreover, they’ll remain up-to-date with all changes to laws and regulations and ensure your business is compliant from day one.

Why is regular maintenance vital for a business?

Without regular maintenance, a business’s equipment will quickly degrade, leading to expensive replacements and a loss of performance. This can also sometimes lead to non-compliance with rules and regulations.

What evidence do you provide of compliance while working?

Everything we do is accompanied by detailed reporting to ensure there’s always evidence of how your business has been complying with relevant laws.