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Jupiter Facilities Management

Welcome to Jupiter Facilities Management


Welcome to Jupiter Facilities Management and welcome especially to our different approach. The services we provide are professional, superior and of high quality. We are a group of professionals driven by the need to perform well, to serve their clients and to succeed.

We take immense care in the way we approach our role and we never forget that there’s only one way to do a thing – the right way. We take pride in our efforts and the results we achieve on our clients’ behalf. We ensure work environments are safe for the benefit of our customers and their workforce. Above all we aim for quality service levels that are second to none.

Jupiter Facilities Management is privately and independently owned which means every project is valued highly because we know that the key to our own success lies in achieving complete customer satisfaction. Our job is to make sure everything works perfectly so our clients can do their jobs without doubts or worries.

Though the company itself is a relative youngster, the experience that underpins it goes back a long way. All key personnel have a recognised track record in the Buildings Services Sector. Refreshed training and continuous professional development is par for the course and ensures that our skills and competencies evolve in line with the technologies we are charged with maintaining.

Whatever your needs and concerns, when it comes to Facilities Management come to the professionals, come to the best.