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Servicing, Repairs, Installation and minor small works -. Servicing for the (non-residential) Industrial and commercial customers, Accredited to the NICEIC, all works undertaken are fully certificated to ensure compliance to the current regulations, providing our customers with peace of mind that the work has been undertaken to a high and professional standard.

The picture opposite is a thermal image of a 3phase electrical supply as it enters the building – the thermal image shows that the “L1” phase has a high electrical demand greater that the “L2 and L3” phases. Jupiter Facilities Management were able to re-balance the load to reduce the demand on the “L1” phase and share across all three phases – thus reducing any future failures. Thermal imaging is very useful tool when undertaking electrical maintenance.

Plumbing & Legionella Control

All buildings have a water source – something that we all take for granted but when a problem occurs  – leaking tap or a damaged pipe, water leaks can be an inconvenience and  cause a large amount of damage especially when they go un-noticed over time.

Routine maintenance of the plumbing pipework is understated but highly important for several reasons. Identifying any potential signs of leaks, undertaking necessary action before it becomes an issue can reduce the potential for disruption to the day to day operation of the building and prevent damage.

Water regulations HSE “L8”  The control of legionella bacteria in water system” Is there to help implement maintenance / monitoring regime to reduce the potential for bacterial to grown,


Jupiter Facilities Management has been trading since 2003 and have a number of accreditations. Providing air-conditioning systems that can produce both heating and cooling thus making them suitable for a large range of both commercial and industrial applications. Jupiter FM supply many types of systems from the standard split unit to the larger VRV installation. Also working with many manufactures like Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu LG, Hitachi, and Toshiba to name just few.

Jupiter FM provide regular service and maintenance, this is essential to ensure that the air-conditioning system/unit operates efficiently. If you are considering installing air-conditioning to your office or require a proposal for service / maintenance of your existing system – Call our team now.


Heating systems basically consist of four main elements, boiler, pumps to circulate the water, pipework  to distribute the hot water around the system and a discharge unit to emit the heat e.g. radiator. All working together in harmony produce heat that warms the office – It is important that the boiler and gas pipework system is serviced annually to ensure that the system is safe and the boiler is working efficiently.

Just as important is to service the boiler to ensure that the water within the system is kept in good condition. Chemical known as inhibitor is added to the system to help reduce corrosion etc.  – Ensuring the inhibitor level is kept at the required concentrations prevents corrosion within the pipework – Filters are often installed to reduce the build-up of debris that prevents / reduces the flow of water within the system, these need regular inspection and cleaning.

I.T. & Networking

More than ever before, businesses are reliant on thier IT and Network systems for thier day to day operation – a small IT problem can become a large problem to your business very quickly. Jupiter are able to provide support for your IT & Network systems for installation and maintenance, remotely or on site as required. With expertise in a wide range of commonly used systems, we can help ensure your internet connection is correctly setup and reliable, your system has the latest updates installed, and your security system is effective in protecting your data. We can also help with data backup systems, storage, email and other day to day user issues. To see how we can help, please get in touch.


If you would like to discuss an immediate requirement, please submit your name and telephone number here, and one of our team will call you back. If you would prefer to submit an enquiry, you can find a form on our contact page.