Heating Systems


Heating systems basically consist of four main elements, boiler, pumps to circulate the water, pipework  to distribute the hot water around the system and a discharge unit to emit the heat e.g. radiator. All working together in harmony produce heat that warms the office – It is important that the boiler and gas pipework system is serviced annually to ensure that the system is safe and the boiler is working efficiently.

Just as important is to service the boiler to ensure that the water within the system is kept in good condition. Chemical known as inhibitor is added to the system to help reduce corrosion etc.  – Ensuring the inhibitor level is kept at the required concentrations prevents corrosion within the pipework – Filters are often installed to reduce the build-up of debris that prevents / reduces the flow of water within the system, these need regular inspection and cleaning.

Good maintenance regime can improve the efficiency and life expectancy of a heating system.

If  you have an existing heating system that requires servicing, have a heating system that does not work, or thinking of undertaking an alteration to an existing system – call us to discuss your requirements

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